Guide in Choosing the Best Hair Straightener in 2015

The difference between a low-grade hair straightener and one that’s professionally approved will literally make or break your hair. Your hair is your crowning glory; hence, it’s definitely valuable to invest in a good hairstyling tool.

Hair straighteners provide a swift and easy solution to control frizzy, curly, or rowdy hair. Heated plates pass smoothly along the hair follicles, straightening your precious locks as they glide. As with any type of flat irons, frequent usage of it can cause damage.

On the other hand, if a first-rate hot styling tool is used, the risk of damage lowers considerably and your tresses are left looking slick, lustrous and healthy. Applying a heat protection product, such as a leave-on conditioner, further keeps the hair from weakening.

How to Choose the Best Hair Straightener?

best flat iron Hair Straightener 2015While shopping for a straightener can be quite a challenge, particularly for beginners, choosing the right hairstyling device for your hair type and needs relies on several features and product characteristics.

The technology and components utilized in the plates greatly affect their efficiency and performance. As such, here are some of the features you need to look for when choosing the best hair straightening tool. These are also the basic terms you need to learn to guide you in your buying decision. Check out this post for more advice on selecting hair device.

Features to Look For:

  • Heat-up Time: The amount of time taken for the plates to heat up after being switched on to your desired temperature or heat level. High-quality straightening tools have a faster heat up time and they also restore heat quickly during usage.
  • Temperature:Styling devices with a high maximum temperature almost always give forth optimal professionally-looking results. Not only these straighteners have a more powerful heating element, they also offer flexibility so you, as a user, can choose the most appropriate heat setting for your hair. Also, heat tools with digital displays show the highest level of accuracy.
  • Adjustable Temperature: The highest heat level doesn’t always work perfectly for all hair types. Choose a straightener that features a variable temperature setting to let you adjust the temperature according to your hair type, and in turn minimize harmful effects.
  • Far-Infrared Heat: With far-infrared technology, heat is applied from the inside out, thereby lessening damage.
  • Ionic Straightening: Since damaged hair is positively charged which then keeps the hair follicles open, dried out and brittle, ionic straightening generates negative ions to neutralize the charge – closing hair follicles and smoothing the hair shaft.
  • Travel Straighteners: For a flawless styling on the go, opt for cordless travel hair straightening devices. Fully portable and compact, these tools work on disposable gas energy cells.
  • Worldwide Voltage: Hairstyling devices with worldwide voltage can be used safely anywhere across the globe without undermining the performance.
  • Swivel Cord: Select a straightener that offers six to nine feet long swivel cord for convenience, reaching most power points easily. Swivel cords also limit cord coiling while the device is in use.

Top Hair Straightener on Amazon:

Key points to Consider:

  • Hair Texture: Those with thick, coarse hair can turn up the heat; however, for thin, fine, or damaged hair – hair straighteners that offer variable heat settings should be the choice to prevent possibility of heat damage.
  • Size: Hairstyling devices come in various sizes and widths. For users with short hair – small, thin hair straighteners are the best haircare tools for them. They’re great for styling bangs and spikes, and serve as the best styling partners on the go – especially when traveling. Contrarily, large wide flat irons offer bigger coverage and an excellent selection for women with long and thick hair.
  • Features: Hair straighteners provide a variety of features with most of them mentioned above. If you have naturally tight curls, you might want to consider buying a straightener with a built-in comb teeth or steam functions that can control unmanageable locks. Cordless styling tools are perfect for jet-setting users, and instant-heat flat irons are the best options for women who are always in a hurry.
  • Ceramic Hair Straighteners: Flat irons that have ceramic plates are excellent for smoothing out hair and decreasing frizz most especially for people with fine or thin hair. Not only ceramic plates can hold heat very well, reaching high temperatures, they also distribute heat evenly.
  • Titanium Hair Straighteners: Consider going for titanium coated plates if you have thick, coarse hair. Titanium heats up faster than ceramic plates and can hold intense heat levels at a consistent temperature. Additionally, Titanium styling tools generate ionic charges to help smoothen your hair much quickly without passing through the same section over again.
  • Budget: A superior hair straightening tool depends on your budget and needs. For a basic, friendly-on-the-pocket device, select a hairstyle line with ceramic chamber and adjustable heat settings. If you target a model that is much safer and nicer to the hair, choose a tool with ionic technology or far-infrared heating.

What are the Top-Rated Hair Straightener in Amazon?

There’s no denying hairstyling tools have changed most women’s lives, ensuring them to achieve sleek pin-straight do’s within minutes or gorgeous tight curls at the flick of their wrist. Find out the most sought-after hair straighteners in Amazon and know which pair suits your needs well.

  1. Babyliss Pro Nano Titanium 1” Ultra Thin Flat Iron

The Babyliss Pro Nano Titanium has ultra-thin plates, perfect for styling short hair and controlling flyaway fringe. Invest in this extra slim pair for effortlessly easy styling. With its nano titanium plates, this ultra-lightweight flat iron glides smoothly through your hair without tugging it.

Even though it is priced around hundred dollars, a number of consumers claim that it’s worth the investment since it works efficiently, prevents further damage, and so easy to use.


  • It is lightweight, one-inch thin, and thinner and lighter than most traditional styling tools on the market.
  • It works quickly, saving your styling-time amidst your busy schedule as well as eliminates terrible hand fatigue and cramps.
  • It releases ionic charges and uses far-infrared heating to reduce frizz and locks in moisture, thereby giving your hair a natural healthy look.
  • It straightens hair pretty well and quickly. And works perfectly to almost all hair types.
  • It brings forth professional, salon-quality results at a lower price.
  • It is durable and highly reliable, can last for the years to come.


  • It can be somehow pricey, particularly for first-time hair straightener users, costing around $100.
  1. HSI Professional 1” Ceramic Tourmaline Ionic Flat Iron Hair Straightener

Short-haired women who want to manage everything from a cute bob to a flirty pixie aren’t kept out from seizing an exceptional pair of straighteners, hence here’s HSI Professional Flat Iron to give them a quick-fix solution to their everyday hair needs.

Its ceramic tourmaline coating generates substantial amount of negative ions to keep hair looking healthy while keeping essential moisture instantaneously. With this styling tool, you can straighten, swirl, flip or curl your mane at a variable heat level ranging from 240 to 410 degrees Fahrenheit.


  • It features a variable heat setting to suit different hair types and in order to avoid burning thin fine hair or using an inaccurate heat setting for thick coarse hair.
  • It offers a Ceramic Tourmaline chamber that allows for smooth gliding, creating ideal results while leaving a silky shiny sheen.
  • It’s size is narrow enough to straighten short-length hair and bangs, but wide enough to cover long and thick hair.
  • It has a heat indicating LED light to inform users when the iron is fully heated and ready to use.
  • It creates long-lasting professional-quality results as reported by many users.
  • It is conveniently priced at $50.


  • Despite its extra thin plates, some users complained about their hair getting stuck in between plates.
  • There’s no automatic power-off; therefore, it is crucial to have the device unplugged when not used to avoid potential accidents.
  • It takes a while to heat up compared to other first-rated hair straighteners.
  1. CHI Ceramic Hairstyling 1” Flat Iron

Lack the time in the morning? Then you need the fastest hair straightener from CHI. Not only does this up-to-date styling tool heat up in as quick as ten seconds, it also consistently maintains the same heat level throughout styling. Meaning, you need not pass the flat iron through the same section over again, ensuring hair is exposed to extreme temperatures for a limited time only. Consider it as a damage reduction.

Struggling with your thick rowdy mane? Don’t be discouraged by its ultra-thin design. The controlled temperature and ionic technology will certainly transform a dull-looking extremely frizzy hair into a shiny shimmering silk.


  • It generates negative ions and far infrared rays to lock in hair’s natural moisture; thereby, conditioning and protecting hair from toxins.
  • The ceramic coated plates distribute heat evenly and offer faster styling. Plus, these plates are known to be gentle to the hair.
  • It provides a uniform heat recovery system to revive the temperature to the maximum level for efficient results every time.
  • It features 25 variable temperature settings for every type and length of hair.
  • It automatically shuts down when not in used and has an on/off touchpad.


  • At a price of $94, the Chi Flat Iron may be a little costly for beginners.
  • Some users have reported of a poor customer service.
  1. Remington S9620 2-inch Silk Ceramic Flat Iron

A more pocket-friendly choice that still packs a punch, the Remington S9620 Straightener features the most advanced ceramic coating infused with silk proteins for a healthy hair with less frizz and damage. The silk protein reacts with the heat of the plates to release its nourishing benefits deep into the roots – for a healthy look that retains your new do for hours even in intense heat.

Undying problems with brittle and dry ends, flyaway and static? Thanks to the silk protein-infused 2 inches floating ceramic plates that flatten cuticles to create a silky soft salon finish for a variety of hair types in no time.


  • The Remington Silk Ceramic offers a multi-task function. Not only can it be used as a straightener, it also does well as a curler.
  • Its plates are infused with a real silk protein for an effortless glide, smooth and even heating.
  • It offers a 20-second heat up time and automatically powers off after 60-minute of no usage.
  • The 2-inch floating plates provide faster styling and constant contact when straightening the hair.
  • It features a temperature control lock to avoid overheating and excessive heat application, hence reducing likelihood of hair burns or damages.


  • Although it works well with both thin and thick hair and doesn’t dry out hair, it is not as efficient as its competitors.
  • The tool can’t straighten the hair in a single glide; it has to be run through the hair several times to achieve the desired effect.
  • Its plates don’t fully close, making it hard to use at times. Users need to exert more effort to squeeze the plates in order to achieve better results.
  • It is not an ideal companion when traveling. It is heavier than most of its competitors and also causes hand cramps.
  • Its price ($39)actually leads to a double effect – good and bad. Good, because most people can buy it. And bad, because very affordable hair straighteners usually go hand in hand with shabby results.

How to Curl Hair with a Straightener

Instead of hopping into your favorite salon, now you can transform your dreary ho-hum hair to lively tresses. To guide you through the easy-peasy steps on how to curl your hair with a hair straightener, we systematically laid out the guideline below:

  1. Turn on and heat up your hair straightener to your desired temperature.
  2. Begin by clipping your blow dried hair into manageable sections. It is seriously significant to curl hair in segments to make the process easier and to achieve efficient results. While waiting for the device to heat up, you can apply a heat protectant from root to tip (optional).
  3. Grab a section of hair you want to curl. It is up to you how much hair you want to curl. If you like tight curls, keep your section less than two inches wide. For more natural bouncy curls and loose waves, use sections that are wider than two inches.

Remember: Completely curl the first side, from the base of your neck to the middle part of your head before you proceed to the next side.

  1. Get your flat iron and clamp it down on the sectioned piece of hair. Make sure the hair is directly placed in between the hot plates. Then, turn the device over itself and slowly pull the hair through it until all hair has passed between the hot plates.
  2. Repeat steps four and five.
  3. Finish up. You can either spritz a light mist of hairspray to hold the curls longer or curl your hair around your finger to give a more defined curl.


Hair straighteners are the perfect tool for giving your mane a gorgeously polished, lustrous finish and a host of varied looks. Whether you’re beating the frizz, fully eradicating your unruly curls or desiring pin-straight hair, voluminous waves, soft swirls, flirty curls, or tight spirals – the right hair straightener can do it for you.

While frequent heat styling is likely to damage hair, using the accurate device lowers the risk of damage. Selecting the best hair straightener can rather be tricky, but being equipped with the basic knowledge can make shopping easy and worthwhile.